7A Homework



M: complete problems given in class and go over math words(gold sheet)
Tues & Wednesday:same as Monday
Thursday: study for test. Go over worksheets and notes
Friday: test

M- finish your SG using pgs. 130-139 in your TB.
T- study your organelles and functions for a quiz on Wednesday!
W- no homework
Th- read over your SG for test on Oct. 6th!

A Project Choice Board will be handed out on Tuesday for parents to help their child select a project. A signature is required from the parent! Projects will be done in class starting Oct. 2-5!
All supplies must be brought to class on Oct. 2nd!

ELA (Marceaux)-
M T W Th & F- Read 30 min./finish unfinished classwork
ELA (Richard)-

Mon- Complete:
A. Daily laguage skills packet
B. Any unfinished classwork (Exit Ticket: How do Mrs. Jones & Roger act contrary to your predictions in "Thank you ma'am"? What does this indicate about the development of their characters?)
Tues - Answer the theme question - How do the actions of both characters contribute to the theme of the story?
Wed - Complete any unfinished classwork (Adding Zinsser's advice on p.o.v to check list)
Thurs - Complete Literature Circles Discussion Role worksheet (imperative for successful discussions tomorrow)
Fri - nadda

7B Homework Week of 9/25-9/29

  • Social Studies-
    Monday: NONE
    Tuesday: Review notes.
    Wednesday: Review notes.
    Thursday: Study packet
  • Science-
    None this week; review classwork
  • Math-
    Monday: Finish sheet from class
    Tuesday: Study
    Wednesday: Study
    Thursday: Study
    Friday: TEST
  • ELA: Stanley-
    Monday: Complete intro/body paragraph 1/body paragraph 2 of graphic organizer
     Complete rough draft of essay
  • ELA: Barras-
    Monday: Study for grammar test on Friday/ final draft due Friday
    Tuesday: Study for grammar test on Friday/ final draft due Friday
    Wednesday: Study for grammar test on Friday/ final draft due Friday
    Thursday: Study for grammar test on Friday/ final draft due Friday
    Friday: NONE

8A Homework: Week of Sept. 18th-22nd

***No School on Friday***

SCIENCE (Louviere)

  • Learning moon phases all week
  • Test will be next week


  • Test Thursday on pink packet
  • Vocab for Ch. 6 (pink) and packet due Thursday

MATH (Segura)

  • Quiz Thursday - Rotation, Reflections w/coordinates

ELA (Harding):

  • Reading and analyzing Frankenstein Ch. 4 this week

ELA (Duhon):

  • Test next Tuesday Sept. 26th on "Flowers for Algernon" (progress reports 1-11) and Ch. 4 of Frankenstein

8B Homework

ELA: Kern/Mestayer

  • Mini lessons due Friday
  • Portfolio due Friday
  • "Flowers for Algernon" and Frankenstein test Friday

MATH: Lester

  • M: L11 selected problems
  • T: L12 selected problems
  • W: L13 selected problems
  • Th: L14 selected problems
  • Fri: Module 2 Assessment on L1-L14
  • Friday: Mini Lessons due for 25 points


  • Moon Phases Quiz Tuesday
  • Unit 1 Test Wednesday


  • Chapter 7 Section 3-4 Test Thursday