7A Homework (11/13/17-11/17/17)

M: None
T-Th: Complete problems given in class; study
F: Test on lesson 14 and worksheets
Students should be studying all class materials and SG’s given in class for a test on Thursday. Periods 5 and 6 will have their test on Friday because of interim testing on Monday. Rereading chapter 8 lessons 1 and 2 would also help.
Social Studies-
Study every day.
 See google classroom.
ELA (Marceaux)-
M-F: Finish any uncompleted classwork & study notes on A Christmas Carol

ELA (Richard)-
Mon- Complete unfinished classwork: write a paragraph about the character's p.o.v. of father & what is reveals about his personality providing text evidence
Tues- Complete unfinished classwork: add to summary & character p.o.v. G.O.
Wed - Library Day
Thur- Complete unfinished classwork: write paragraph to identify a theme of the text & explain how it is developed thru Greg's p.o.v.
Fri- Complete unfinished classwork: Write a paragraph to characterize Scrooge at the beginning of Stave I - must include text evidence related to Scrooge's appearance, others' attitude towards him, & his actions towards others in your response.

7B Homework Week of 11/13-11/17

  • Social Studies-
    Monday: NONE
    Tuesday: Study
    Wednesday: Study
    Thursday: Study
  • Science-
    Monday: NONE
    Tuesday: NONE
    Wednesday: Reread Chapter 8
    Thursday: Review Chapter 8
    Friday: NONE
  • Math-
    Monday: Read & Review notes/worksheets on %
    Tuesday: Finish work from class; Study
    Wednesday: Finish work from class; Study for TEST tomorrow
    Thursday: TEST
    Friday: NONE
  • ELA: Stanley-
    Monday: Review Vocab & Story Questions
    Tuesday: "A Christmas Carol" quiz tomorrow
    Wednesday: Stave 1 Quiz today
    Thursday:  Complete Stave 2 Story Quest. # 1 - 6
    Friday: Review Stave 2 Vocabulary on Quizzlet

    • Happy Thanksgiving!!
  • ELA: Barras-
    Monday: Complete comprehension worksheet
    Tuesday:  Vocabulit (Lessons 1 & 2) Study
    Wednesday: Vocabulit (Lessons 1 & 2) Study
    Thursdsay: Study for Vocabulit Quiz (Lessons 1 &2)
    Friday: NONE

8A Homework: Week of Nov. 13th - 17th


  • Mon. Nov. 13th: Math Interim Testing
  • Wed. Nov. 15th: Field Trip (all day)
  • Thanksgiving Break Next Week

SCIENCE (Louviere)

  • No homework
  • Doing STEM activity in class


  • No homework
  • Working on Antebellum projects in class

MATH (Segura)

  • Quiz Friday on 2 variables/constant rate

ELA (Harding):

  • Finishing Part 1 of sugar book test on Monday in class
  • Beginning Part 2 of sugar book in class

ELA (Duhon):

  • Finishing Part 1 of sugar book test on Monday in class
  • Beginning Part 2 of sugar book in class

8B Homework

ELA: Kern/Mestayer

  • M-W: study
  • W: quiz & portfolio due
  • T-F: None

MATH: Lester

  • M: selected problems L15
  • T: none
  • W:  selected problems- Block 1 Test Today
  • Th: Blocks 2,3,4,6,7 TEST Today
  • F: none
  • Mini Lesson due on Wednesday-25 points!


  • M-F: Study notes nightly Rocks\rock cycle


  • M-F: Keep up with Pre-Civil War Maps
  • Chapter 10 Vocabulary Test on Friday