Week of Jan. 14-17, 2019



Mon: Write a paragraph predict what Scrooge will learn w/Ghost of Christmas Present in Stave IV?

Tue: Analyze Scrooge's experiences w/Ghost adding evidence to chart

Wed: A. Analyze Scrooge's experiences w/Ghost adding evidence to chart;  B. Read the article "Study: Experiences Make Us Happier than Possessions" to be prepared for Monday's lesson (summarize the article, connect & compare/contrast ideas across text); C; STUDY!  Section 5 Quiz Tomorrow



Read 30 min. daily


M: study notes and angles for test tmw; go over lesson 10-11 and worksheets

T: TEST on Angles

W: complete problems from class

TH: none


Mon. - Wed.: Study vocabulary for lessons 1,2, and 3 as well as notes taken in class.

Quiz on Thursday!


Study and go over all google classroom documents.



7B Homework Week of  January 14 - 17th

REMINDER:   No School Friday or Monday!

  • Social Studies-    
  • Tuesday -
  • Science-

  • Thursday:
  • Math-
    Monday:-   Test tomorrow on lessons 10-11
    Wednesday: Study and review inequalities from lessons 12-13
  • Thursday:Study and review inequalities from lessons 12-13
  • Friday:  
  • ELA: StanleyStave II & III test - Thursday
  • Monday:  Complete Characterization Chart for Stave III;  Answer questions pg 56 - 57
  • Tuesday: Complete Questions pg 56 - 58; Complete Analyze Setting pg 59
  • Wednesday:  Review vocabulary & Packet
  • Thursday: Test Stave II & III
    AR read - biography
  • ELA: Barras 
    Monday:   Quiz Thursday on chapter 3
    Tuesday: Quiz Thursday on chapter 3
    Wednesday: Quiz Today

8A Homework: Week of Jan 7-11


  • Parent Teacher Conferences Wednesday 3:30-6
  • Beta Blood Drive Wednesday 2-6 (Each student who get 1 person to donate gets a pizza lunch, 2 people gets a dress down day)
  • RTI movie day- Friday

SCIENCE (Louviere)

  • Test Friday on Endo/Exothermic Reactions
  • Taking notes in class


  • Possible task Friday on Antebellum La

MATH (Segura)

  • Review Module 5- Quiz Monday

ELA (Harding):

  • Read "Excerpts form Frankenstein"
  • Quiz next Wednesday

ELA (Allen):

  • Complete all Unit 2 work (section 4) that need to be turned in by Friday! (this is posted on board)

8B Homework (Week 0f Jan. 14-17)

ELA: Kern/Libersat: LearnZillion -Unit II: Lesson 20-14; "Flowers for Algernon"; Theme; Allusion; New Progress Report due Tuesday; Section 5 Quiz Tuesday

MATH: Lester:

Mon. selected problems--Lesson 10

Tues. selected problems-- Lesson 11

Wed. Review for Assessment on Module 5

Thurs. Assessment on Module 5


SCIENCE: Dore- Everything should be completed for "Save the Penquins" Students will turn in everything Wed. ; 1. Mind Mapping; 2. Mock Experiment; 3. Cornell Notes; 4. Lesson 1 Quest;  5. Graph;  6. Lesson 2 Quest;  7. Problem solving Heat Transfer

SOCIAL STUDIES: Dronet--Crash course videos- Monday; Civil War Hypesheets-Tues.-Thursday


No school Friday 1/18; Mon. 1/21