7A Homework (1/22/18-1/26/18)

No homework in science this week ūüôā

Social Studies-
Study all four documents in google classroom.

ELA (Marceaux)-
M: Finish editing essay!
T: Typing essays in lab- No homework
W: Complete unfinished classwork/Study
Th: Complete unfinished classwork/Study
F: Cold-Read Task (100pts)- No homework.

ELA (Richard)-

Tues:  Complete any unfinished classwork: Answer the following questions on your character chart- How do Scrooge's interactions w/Fred & Bob reveal Scrooge's new definition of one's "business"?

Wed: Complete any unfinished classwork   -Write your draft explanations for your claim

Thurs: Complete any unfinished classwork:  1st Draft of essay MUST be completed to be able to participate in tomorrow's lesson!!

Fri: Complete any unfinished classwork: Final draft of student culminating writing task

7B Homework Week of 1/22-1/26

  • Social Studies-
    Monday: NONE
    Tuesday: Study for quiz on the Trail of Tears!
    Wednesday: Study for "Westward Expansion & the Native Americans" TEST!
    Thursday: Study for "Westward Expansion & the Native Americans" TEST!
  • Science-
    Monday: Reread Chapter 13- Sections 1 & 2
    Tuesday: Reread Chapter 13- Sections 1 & 2
    Wednesday: Reread Chapter 13- Sections 1 & 2
    Thursday: Reread Chapter 13- Sections 1 & 2
    Friday: Reread Chapter 13- Sections 1 & 2
  • Math-
    Monday: Finish problems from class; Study
    Tuesday: Finish problems from class; Study
    Wednesday: STUDY- TEST Thursday on Like Terms!
    Thursday: TEST
    Friday: NONE
  • ELA: Stanley-
    Monday: Complete Quotes (2 each) on "Theme" chart
    Tuesday: Complete "Prepare to Write an Essay" organizer
    Wednesday:  Complete 1st draft of essay
    Thursday:  Complete revisions of 1st draft
    Friday: NONE
  • ELA: Barras-
    Monday: NONE
    Tuesday:  Complete "Prepare to Write an Essay" organizer
    Wednesday: NONE
    Thursdsay: NONE
    Friday: NONE

8A Homework: Week of Jan. 22nd-26th


  • Club Day Wed. Jan. 24th - Blue schedule
  • Winter Carnival Fri. Jan. 26th - Blue schedule
  • Winter Formal Fri. Jan. 26th from 6:00-9:00 p.m.
  • Turn in UL field trip permission slips by Wed. Jan. 24th

SCIENCE (Louviere)

  • Finishing notes/start project
  • Test TBA next week


  • No homework this week

MATH (Segura)

  • Quiz on Tuesday - System of equations
  • Review Module 4 and starting Module 5

ELA (Harding):

  • Reading Part Four of Sugar Changed the World book
  • Extension Task on Chromebooks Thursday and Friday

ELA (Duhon):

  • Written response in class on Wednesday - counts as major (summative) grade
  • Extension Task in Library Thursday and Friday - counts as major (summative) grade

8B Homework (week of 1/22-1/26)

ELA: Kern/Mestayer

  • M: Practice Cold Read
  • W-F: Unit 2 Extension Task (due Thursday)
  • Sugar Changed the World Part IV Test & Portfolio due either this Friday or Monday of next week

MATH: Lester

  • M: Lesson 7 selected problems
  • T: Lesson 8 selected problems
  • W: Assessment all lessons through lesson 8
  • TH: Lesson 9 selected problems
  • F: Lesson 10 selected problems
  • Mini Lessons due Fri. Jan. 26- 10 points


  • Natural Resources Unit Test Wednesday


  • HyperSheet #2 and Task due Thursday