Week of Dec.10-14, 2018


Mon: Star Testing!  Complete any and all late work.  The last day I will accept any work is Friday, Dec. 14!  This includes any test recovery that may need to be completed.

Tues: Write a paragraph response: How do sensory details of the setting deepen our understanding of Scrooge's character?

Wed: Write a paragraph summarizing Scrooge's 1st 2 experiences w/the Ghost of Christmas Past & how they affect his p.o.v.

Thur: A.  Add details to their characterization chart about Scrooge's perception of Belle & how Belle/her husband perceive Scrooge.

  1. Complete any and all late work.  The last day I will accept any work is TOMORROW!  This includes any test recovery that may need to be completed.

Fri: None


Complete unfinished work.


M: none; did test corrections today

T: complete problems from class

W: go over notes and lessons; complete problems from class

TH: go over notes and lessons; complete problems from class

F: study notes and worksheets


small quiz on Wednesday on photosynthesis

no HW the rest of the week


Study and go over all google classroom documents.

7B Homework Week of  Dec. 10th - 14th


  • Social Studies-    
  • Tuesday -
  • Science-
  • Thursday:
  • Math-
  • Thursday:    Test tomorrow on one step equations -review all sheets from this week 
  • ELA: Stanley- STAR Testing - Tuesday Dec. 11th
  • Monday:     Re-read A Christmas Carol pg 1 - 9;  Complete paragraph pg 35
  • Tuesday:  Character Chart pg 36 (Stave I only),Continue reading Chapter 1 pgs 9 - 15; Complete Analyze Setting handout by highlighting sensory details used to describe Scrooge's apartment. (pg 39)
  • Wednesday:  Use Analyze Setting handout to complete paragraph  (pg 40) Describe how the setting of Scrooge's apartment reflects his own character.
  • Thursday: Complete Vocabulary WS and all worksheets from Stave I.  Review Vocabulary terms on Quizzlet.   
    Friday: Stave I test - Monday, Dec. 17th; Complete Vocab. review- study vocab
  • ELA: Barras STAR Testing - Tuesday Dec. 11th

8A Homework: Week of Oct. 22-26


  • Field Trip has been moved to Monday 11/11
  • Thursday- Early Release
  • Friday- Vet Program
  • Next Friday- in school dance- cost=unwrapped toy to be donated to Toys for Tots. Turn into RTI

SCIENCE (Louviere)

  • in class work on chemical bonding
  • Test next week
  • start studying


  • TEst tuesday of next week on La exploration

MATH (Segura)

  • Quiz Wednesday Mod 4 Les 3 and 4

ELA (Harding):

  • Complete "Holding up a train" vocab chart and Day 5 culminating wtriting activity (due friday)

ELA (Allen):

  • Study "holding up a train" each night (Pgs 2-10)
  • review vocab
  • review focus questions pgs 12,14,16,18
  • review quesiotns page 11,13,15,17

8B Homework (Week 0f Dec. 10-14)

ELA: Kern/Libersat: LearnZillion -Unit II: Lesson 8-11; "Flowers for Algernon" Textbook Progress Report 9; STAR Reading Test Thursday; LearnZillion Lessons 12-14; Research Websites-Chromebooks

MATH: Lester:

Mon. Selected problems from Lesson 26

Tues. Selected problems from lesson 27

Wed. Selected problems from lesson 28

Thurs.Assessment- Selected problems Lesson 29

Fri. Assessment on ALL skills from Mod. 4

SCIENCE: Dore=Review notes nightly on Thermal Energy;

SOCIAL STUDIES: Dronet-- Battle of New Orleans Task today; If you didn't complete Antebellum Google slides of Vocabulary, complete them; Keep up with 3.2 Hypersheets